Snap a Land

Some relevant snaps take during my trips

Highest Hills 03

Highest Hills 02

Highest Hills 05






T-shirt about 500 Anniversary Saint Teresa of Ávila. #STJ500

T-shirts as gifts to celebrate some friends' deprature

Graphics - Extra Events

Banner to promote an event by newsletter

Cover image for a facebook event

Graphics - Events leaflet 2015_2016

A small leaflet for courses and events

A banner for the company website

Graphics - Summer Events 2015

Flyer - The summer pilgrimage to Ávila - Spain for youngsters (Encuentro Europeo de Jóvenes - #EEJ2015) at the same time of the celebrations of 500 Anniversary Saint Teresa of Ávila #STJ500

Graphics - Night Pilgrimage 2015

Flyer and Facebook event cover - For a night pilgrimage of the Carmelites Fathers of Treviso

Graphics - Santa Teresa de Jesús 500 anniversary

Poster and leaflet - The 500 Anniversary Saint Teresa of Ávila, for the Carmelites Fathers of Treviso

Graphics - Events leaflet 2014_2015

A small leaflet for courses and events

Graphics - Events leaflet 2013_2014

A small leaflet for courses and events

Close to Oyster

Peace Sellers - tiny fill-in shoot session

Close to Oyster 01
Close to Oyster 02
Close to Oyster 03
Close to Oyster 04

Soft Marx - video promo

Soft Marx a light equipment, folk country blues, band
here you are an easy video promo that I made


Scouting Mt. Grappa goes on - watch it on the map

Recovering 5

Recovering 4

Recovering 3

Recovering 3

Recovering 2

Recovering 1

Medoacus maior

Some snapshots from a walk around Brenta river #wiki/Brenta
(Medoacus maior is its latin name, and Brint the celtic one)

Brint's Little Waves

Medoacus maior

Water Painting

One Way Out

You Could Be Mine

Graduation Caricature 2014

Last illustration work for the graduation of a friend of mine
lineart - pencil and ink
shadowing - digital

Io c'ho la Clio SSSR - A ja liubliu SSSR

I'm back with another wordplay.
Unconsciously celebrating the Winter Olympic Opening day in Sochi.
This is image quotes and twist some lyrics of "A ja liubliu SSSR" by CCCP Fedeli Alla Linea

Dolomieu Rappele

Hiking day through the Dolomites' paths
(San Martino di Castrozza)

01 - Dolomieu rappele

02 - Dolomieu rappele

03 - Dolomieu rappele

04 - Dolomieu rappele

05 - Dolomieu rappele

06 - Dolomieu rappele

07 - Dolomieu rappele

08 - Dolomieu rappele